Thursday, December 11, 2014


Kodable is an app that we have just introduced in Kindergarten.  It is suppose to be a kid friendly  introduction to computer programming. 

 The goal is to get the fuzzy ball from one side to the other, while obtaining as many coins as possible. The students have to work on left and right, up and down, but they also have to use the color squares in the coding if they want the fuzzy ball to grab those coins in the middle.  As they work their way through the series of mazes, they get progressively more difficult.  Many students now are using a repeating function to complete their mazes.  It is great to see the students learn from each failure and apply what they have learned to eventually become successful.  It is great to see them discussing the mazes and helping each other complete their tasks.

Jackson said to me today, "This app is so hard."  I asked, "Do you like it?" He replied, "Yeah, it's fun!"  Most seem to like the challenge.  A few want to give up easily, but are motivated to continue by the excitement of their friends.  If you have an iPad at home, this is a free app from the iTunes store.

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