Monday, February 23, 2015

Snack Reminder

If your child is one that forgets snack on a regular basis and eats our classroom reserves (once a week or more), please consider donating a bag of animal crackers or pretzels.  Kindergarten students need to replenish their energy supplies in order to do their best work until lunch. 

Update:  Thank you to those that have contributed!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Fish Fry - Silent Auction

Come to the Fish Fry at the Knights of Columbus Hall this Friday and make a silent auction bid for the Kindergarten entry.  It is a framed photo of all the students' hands around our class mission statement.  We can sign the mat for you later, if you like.  The proceeds will  go to FOSMS and then be passed on for classroom expenses.

Update:  Thank you to those that drove up the price!  Ann O'Sullivan's bid of $185 took home our project.  That money will go a long way in our classrooms!  Thank you Grandma O' Sullivan!

Monday, February 9, 2015


I am glad to announce that I have finally completed the current assessments for the class.  The information I have gathered has helped me select just right leveled readers for your student.  Students will begin meeting with me 3-5 times per week in a small group setting using these leveled readers to build confidence and skills in reading strategies.  After we have finished with the letter Zz, students will begin selecting 3 leveled readers to bring home weekly to practice.  The books are empowering for the students, as each child can read at some level independently. The amount of time spent reading will affect the rate of growth.

Valentine Exchange

We will be exchanging valentine cards on Friday, February 13th.  Please have your student put their classmates' names on each card and sign each card (it is good practice writing :)

Alex     Vyla    Matthew    Jackson    MacKenzie    Jordyn    Hunter    Jamie    Hollie    Kayla    Zoe    Ann   Genni   Lanz

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

100 Day Activities

Counting 100 Unifix Cubes
Counting 100 Seashells

100 Paper Hearts

Finding 100 Candy Kisses and matching the number on the bottom with the number on the chart

Derdnuh, the 100th Day Snack
(10 pieces of 10 different items)

Genni's 100 Pencils

Jamie's 100 Things

Jackson's 100 Legos

Matthew 100 Legos

Jordyn's 100 Marbles

MacKenzie's 100 Beads

Vyla's 100 Flashcards
Hunter's 100 Army Men

Ann's 100 Sunflower Seeds (Grown from the seeds Mrs. Weronko gave out last spring!)

Kayla's 100 Stickers

Alex's 100 Legos

Zoe's 100 Cotton Balls

Hollie's 100 Kernels of Corn

More Birthdays!

Happy Half Birthday, Vyla!

Happy 6th Birthday, MacKenzie!

Thank you for the yummy treats!  We ate them while playing all school BINGO last Friday.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Welcome Lanz Kelsaw to our class!  And it's his birthday!  What a great day is that?  We are so glad he has joined us (especially the boys!)  

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Catholic Schools Week

Family Night, Storyteller Dr. Mike Lockett

Family Night, Heidi Vincent and Eric Schenk help Dr. Lockett

St. Mary School graduate and senior nursing student, Anna Koch speaks to students
 about her Medical Mission Trip to Africa

Volunteer Breakfast

Volunteer Breakfast
Volunteer Breakfast

All school Bingo