Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Next Skill Step

Wondering what skills you can work on next with your student? 
 (or maybe not...)

December assessments have shown:

  • All students are very good at matching beginning sounds and identifying beginning sounds.
  • Most students could use work in blending sounds into words.  I say the 3 separate sounds /c/ /a/ /t/ and student says the word cat.
  • Most students could use work in segmenting sounds from words. I say the word cat and students produce the 3 separate sounds /c/ /a/ /t/.  This is just the opposite of blending and requires that the student not only identify the beginning sound, but also the middle and endings sounds as well (sounds only at this point, not letters.)
  • Most students could use work in rhyming.  Most students can produce a rhyme, but identifying a rhyme is more difficult.  Give your student a series of 3 words, in which 2 rhyme.  Have your student identify the rhyming pair.  
Of course, these are skills we will be hitting hard in January, but this is just to let you know the direction we will be taking next.

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