Thursday, September 18, 2014

Magazine Sales Details


Homework for the week of September 22 has been posted on the Weekly Homework Page.

Little Books

Are you enjoying the writing your students have been bringing home.  We began the year making a list of ways that writers write.  Then we practiced taking orders from menus, writing cards/letters to one another, making shopping lists, and finally writing books.  The books are really what I was aiming towards, but for some, this may not be their first choice.  Hopefully, making writing meaningful and useful for the students will motivate them to really practice this skill a lot.  

When introducing story writing, we discussed 3 types of stories, informative, narrative, and opinion.  Daily we discuss a different aspect of each of these in order to give the students ideas for what to write about.  I have been truly amazed and excited about the stories the students have been producing.  This is only September, imagine what they will be doing in May!  Thank you to Sara Luthy and our enrichment student, Lauren Paisley for working with this writing group and getting them off to such a great start.

Magazine Sales Details

Information for the Magazine Sales Fundraiser was sent home on Thursday.  I know at least one child did not get home with the fact sheet which included turn-in dates, information about online ordering, etc.  I have scanned the 2-sided page and posted below for easy reference.

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