Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Daily Five

The Daily Five is the small group framework we use to practice our reading and writing skills in Kindergarten.  The students rotate through 5 stations that help them practice skills.  The stations are I Read (independent reading), We Read (read with a partner), I Listen (listening to books on the iPads), Word Work (games and activities practicing letters and high frequency words), and I Write (writing in a variety of ways).  As the students rotate through these stations I will begin taking a group to work on specific skills they may need and read pre-decodable and leveled readers.  During the transition period in between stations we have 5-7 minute whole group mini-lessons.  The students are doing very well with this schedule and are staying highly engaged.  For now I am choosing the rotation schedule, but as we build stamina working independently, students will be allowed to choose their stations.

If you have an hour to give, sign up for the morning slot on Volunteer Spot.  Remember it doesn't have to be every week or even every month.  Sign up anytime and come in when you can.  Thank you to the parents who have already signed up and come in to help!

We Read

I Write (That is our High School Enrichment Student, Lauren Paisley.)

I Listen

Word Work

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