Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Weekly Homework Page

After just a few short days, we are beginning to settle into some routines.  This is really a delightful group of students with active imaginations and great enthusiasm.  They are all very good listeners and I am happy to report that Mrs. Obert complimented them on their behavior in the lunch room and set them up as an example for the older students.  

We have all decided we want to be peacemakers!

We have been talking a lot about filling each other's buckets with good feelings.  We have also been taking about things that people who are peacemakers/peacebreakers do.  We are leading up to writing our own class rules and mission statement.  There is a lot of scaffolding going on here.

Shortly you will be receiving an email from Volunteer Spot.  I have indicated possible times to volunteer for the first semester.  If you are able, you may sign up at anytime.  If you need to, you can go in and change a sign up time.  Sometimes school activities come up and times need to be changed or added (field trips), but I will try to stay on top of that.

Don't forget to check out the weekly homework page along the top of this blog.  You will notice that

  • we will not be going to Mass until next week, August 29.
  • Friday is Sharing in a Bag. See the HW page for special instructions.
Remember to review the school dress code.  Sock must be worn with all shoes.  That mean no thong- type sandals.  Also sleeveless shirts are not permitted.  

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